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"Free download perler beads patterns for your crafts!"

Tutorial how to make a work

Hello friends, today I want to introduce this visual image tutorial, rich of detailed photos, and step by step instructions to craft a project with perler beads (also know as fuse beads).

In this tutorial I will use:
- Beads brand Hama Beads size mini 2.5mm;
- Base brand Hama Beads Mini square format 15 x 15 cm;
- Ironing paper brand Hama Beads;
- A pair of common tweezer;
- Iron;
- Some books;
- Metal kit prepared to make keychains at home.

As the subject I chose the protagonist of the game GTA Grand Theft Auto Vice City: Tommy Vercetti.

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (1).jpg

I will use the following perler beads pattern:

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (2).jpg

Let's start preparing a work plan and placing over the Hama Beads base or other brand, the beads, and a pair of common tweezers, the tweezers are not mandatory but are very comfortable if you work with very small fuse beads such as 2,5mm diameter.

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (3).jpg

So, helping visually with the pattern, we begin to place the beads on the base, with the hands or with the tweezers, of were talking about just above

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (4).jpg

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (5).jpg

Continuing with this creative hobby, you will notice that it is quite relaxing, you can also listen to music in the meantime, only now and then you might have some difficulty in picking the beads of the right color, especially shades very close as the different types of pink or blue. In addition to what you will try to be organized, careful and precise, some beads will eventually fall, or get under the table leg, or between the keys on your keyboard ...

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (6).jpg

During the work, taking more familiar with the manual and observing the number of beads needed for each color on the pattern, you can begin to select in advance the beads and split them into small piles.

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (7).jpg

In my case, remember that it was my first job, it took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to the overall crafting of the keyring.

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (8).jpg

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (9).jpg

Once finished placing all the perler beads necessary, take the ironing paper, in my case a sheet of 15 x 15 cm and settle over the design, then we prepare the iron, reading the instruction manual included Hama Beads with the ironing paper, the right temperatures depending on the size of the beads:

- For fuse beads mini 2.5mm, set the iron on wool setting
- For fuse beads midi 5mm, set the iron on cotton setting
- For fuse beads maxi 10mm, set the iron on linen setting

"Apply the iron to the ironing paper for just a few seconds using smooth, circular, movements. Never hold the iron completely still. After having applied the iron for a short period, the colour of the beads will suddendly be more clearly visible through the ironing paper; this means that the ironing is finished."

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (10).jpg

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (11).jpg

Always indicates that this user is advised to leave to cool the composition under the weight of objects, such as for example, books

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (12).jpg

Once the composition has cooled, you can carefully remove the ironing paper

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (13).jpg

And here is the final craft!

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (14).jpg

Depending on the size and the creativity of those who realizes you can turn these compositions in keychains, necklaces, magnets and so on ... We turn it into a keychain, using the common kit metal keychain that you can buy in stores at reasonable prices, in my case the package was 1 Dollar.

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (15).jpg

Please take a look at the final project photos

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (16).jpg

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (17).jpg

Tutorial_how_to_make_a_work_with_perler_beads_Hama_Beads (18).jpg

The guide is over, I hope it can be useful to many, many people, moms and kids and entice them to begin this relaxing hobby.



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