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Complete Hama Beads colors list

We often buy perler beads throught more ways, from the Internet, in stores that treat them, from newsstands, and so we have various iron beads brands.
We must know that each brand has its range of colors (or colors table, or colors list) consisting of solid beads color, clear, glow in the dark, translucent, pastel, neon, fluorescent and others. Some brands have a limited primary colors range, other manufacturers have a wider range, providing even colors such as skin color, gray, gold, bronze and shades of green, blue, red and so on ...
Hama Beads offers a wide range of colors and shades, which I have summarized in the image that you can find just below these words, I refer to the medium size beads (called from Hama Beads "Midi") with a diameter of 5 mm, the range includes beads solid, transparent, pearl, glow in the dark, fluorescent, neon, pastel, translucent, well 61 colors in total!

Soon I will write about other brands colors lists, as Pyssla, PlayBox and others!
This list is updated today January 17 2016 and is subject to changes, additions and corrections in future.



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